The PamperedPerch® 

Improves the technician’s hand position, helping to prevent conditions such as ganglion cysts or carpal tunnel syndrome in wrists, which can lead to painful surgical correction. It relieves muscle strain on the neck, shoulders, elbows and lower back by allowing technicians to bypass accommodating client movement.

Salons across the globe have been trying for years to reduce the physical stresses placed on nail technician’s hands. Before the Pampered Perch®, employees would resort to paper towel rolls, cumbersome pillows, and even stacking glass jars to alleviate their discomfort while working with their clients. Today, this ergonomic design offers a sanitary, comfortable solution for both nail technicians and clients alike.

An Innovative Tool



• Smooth and comfortable ergonomic design
allows for  client relaxation


• Nail technicians can slide their hands into working position
for artistic and precise detail work

• Nail technicians are able to maintain proper
posture while working

• Impervious to acetone and harsh chemicals such as:
-Hospital Grade Sanitizer
-Nail Polish
-Nail Liquid

**Be sure to sanitize this product before using it
on another client**


Available Private Label
• Custom designs available

• Custom colors available

• Submit custom designs and specifications
requests to

Beware of Imitation Products

Thank you for considering CCDM, L.L.C.'s products. The PamperedPerch® is a U.S. Patented and U.S. Registered Trademarked product manufactured in the USA.  Several domestic and foreign companies are selling products that resemble our company's PamperedPerch®.   Notice to cease and desist has been made to these sellers. One of these counterfeit products has a very coarse level of finish, contains seams which trap bacteria, can breed fungal growth and is made of material which is neither sanitizable nor acetone proof.

Our company's product features the PamperedPerch® logo and Made in U.S.A. molded into the material and includes its U.S. Patent number

When purchasing this product, please check for these markers. Contact us should you see copies of our product in any form or color other than that shown on this site.