Are you frustrated by chasing your client's hand and foot while trying to do precision work? Do your wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and lower back feel like you've taken a beating? Have you tried using a hand or foot rest that's too short, too long, too flat, too low, too high to get your client's fingers and hands in a position where you can work comfortably? Do you find yourself bent like a pretzel trying to get those toes and feet just where you need them? Is your ergonomically designed chair that's supposed to support your back no where near your back? Take a look at our fabulous, lightweight, cutting-edge design hand and foot support that will remove many of these unhealthy work positions. Learn how to improve your health and wellness by using our hand and foot support which is designed to improve your working posture and relax your client so that you have control and your client is relaxed. Find out how you can increase your productivity and income by being able to provide multiple services during a single appointment. Then join the forward looking Professional Nail Technicians who are using this ergonomic health and wellness tool. Pamper your client and Be Pampered yourself!