What If?  Why Not?

The beauty industry has rapidly evolved and the needs of the clients change, as well as the technology that goes along with those needs; no more so than in the Professional Nail Segment.

After decades of seeing nail technicians and other hand and foot professionals suffer from physical strain and painful medical conditions due to the demands of their jobs, we decided to lead the way in improving a critical need in the industry. Working in the salon, we developed a prototype perch, a hand and foot rest, that held a client's hands and feet in position while having their manicures and pedicures providing the nail technician with back, neck and arm relief. Soon we perfected the design; the end result being the PamperedPerch®, a revolutionary ergonomic tool held to the highest professional beauty and sanitation standards.

The Cosmetology Schools train nail technicians to use proper posture, but never developed or provided a tool to assist in maintaining or improving body positioning to do so.

There have been several attempts to create such a tool, but never one as simple, easy to use, easy to sanitize, and enhance the comfort of both the nail technician and the client while giving control back to the nail technician.

With the explosive popularity of nail art, the need for this U.S. designed, manufactured and wholly recyclable ergonomic product has never been greater. 

Watch the video. See how you can make your day a pleasure!